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At Lawn Services LLC, we're dedicated to delivering affordable lawn care solutions throughout Maryland. From grass cutting to leaf removal and small hauling, we use top-quality tools to ensure pristine results. Serving Baltimore City and County, Dundalk, Pikesville, Glen Burnie, Essex, and more, we're your trusted partner for a beautiful outdoor space.

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natural eco-friendly spray cleaner bottles


  • Grass Cutting

    Precision trimming for a lush, manicured lawn enhancing curb appeal and aesthetics

  • Weed Eating

    Thorough removal of unwanted growth ensuring a tidy, weed-free landscape

  • Leaf Removal

    Efficient clearing of fallen leaves to maintain a clean and tidy outdoor space

  • Small Tree Cutting

    Professional pruning or removal of small trees for improved landscape aesthetics

  • Edging

    Definition of borders and pathways for a polished and well-maintained appearance

  • Basic Mulching

    Application of mulch to retain moisture, suppress weeds, and enhance soil health

  • Small Hauling

    Removal of debris or waste to maintain a clutter-free environment

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